Porte-clés Peluches / Plushies Keychains

Banpresto - Sailor Moon R - Plushies Keychain - 6/6

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Pluto & Sailor Mars

Banpresto - Sailor Moon S - Plushies Keychain - 3/5

Super Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Uranus

Banpresto - Sailor Moon S - Selection Keychain Collection - 10/10

Sailor Moon S - Selection Keychain

Usagi           Naru              Chibi Usa         Sailor V          Black Lady

Haruka       Michiru          Hotaru               Setsuna                   Mimette  

Sailor Moon Super S

Banpresto - Sailor Moon Super S - Plushies Keychains 4/5 

Super S Set

Neo Queen Serenity     King Endymion        Super Sailor Moon     Tuxedo Kamen  

Banpresto - Sailor Star - Plushies Keychains - 3/5 

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Eternal Sailor Moon         Sailor Pluto             Sailor Neptune


Bandai - Sailor Moon World - Sailor Moon & Chibi Usa Set  

SMWorld Plushies KC 

Bandai - Sailor Moon R - Mini Keychains

Sailor Mars & Sailor Jupiter

Bandai - Sailor Moon R - Clip-on set new

Plush Set

Sailor Moon  Sailor Mercury    Sailor Mars  Sailor Venus  new Artemis 

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1. Sailorjupiter01 25/01/2012

Elles sont marrantes

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