Misc Keychains - Sailor Moon Series

Sailor Moon Title

GE Animation - 2011 - Luna Pen Keychain 

photo0174a.jpgLuna Pen 

GE Animation - 2011 - Sailor Moon Brooch 


GE Animation - 2011 - Sailor Moon Crescent Wand Keychain 


GE Animation - Sailor Moon Bow Keychain 

Telechargement 11

GE Animation - 2011 - Sailor Senhi Metal Keychain 


Sailor Moon    Sailor Mercury      Sailor Mars      Sailor Jupiter    Sailor Venus 

GE Animation - Sailor Moon Mini Keychain 3 /3 

GE Keychain

Sailor Moon

IGEL - Sailor Moon - Flat Keychain 

IGEL - Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury 

Abystyle kc

Abystyle - Sailor Moon - Keychain Collection 

Movic - Sailor Moon R - Plastic Keychains Collection (6/6) 

Movic Keychain

Sailor Moon   Sailor Mercury      Sailor Mars   Sailor Jupiter        Sailor Venus          Chibi Usa & Luna P  

DIC - Sailor Moon R - Keychains Collection (5/5)

Sailor Moon R - Plastic Keychain 

Devant / Front - Other view : HERE 

Unkown Sailor Moon R Keychain

3015910103 1 3 ivpok6w3 

Movic - Labelling Collection Keychain - 3/5 new.gif

Sailor Moon Label Keychain

Sailor Mercury    Sailor Jupiter 

GE Animation - 2012 - SD Collection - 5/5 

GE - SD Keychain 

 Sailor Mercury               Sailor Mars             Sailor Moon      Sailor Jupiter              Sailor Venus

GE Animation - 2013 - Sailor Moon Keychain 

E2046 - Neo Queen Serenity & King Endymion Keychain 

Neo Queen Serenity & Endymion Keychain

Bandai - Sailor Moon S - Medals (9/9)

2906592763 small 1

Sailor Moon - 2012 - Cosmic Heart Keychain 

GE COsmic Heart

GE Animation - Outer Sign Collection  

GE Animation - Outer Sign

Sailor Pluto               Sailor Neptune              Sailor Uranus                  Sailor Saturn

Movic - Sailor Moon S - Plastic Keychains Collection (1/2) 

Neptune Movic

Sailor Neptune

GE Animation - Sailor Chibi Moon Keychain 

Chibi Moon Keychain

GE Animation - Outer Keychains 

Outer KC

Bandai - Sailor Moon Super S - Coin Keychain - Color Version

3082835379 1 5 5zheuc7c

Super Sailor Moon        Sailor Chibi Moon   Sailor Jupiter 

Bandai - Sailor Moon Super S - Coin Keychain - Gold Version 


Bandai - Sailor Moon Super S - Coin Keychain - Silver Version 


For a better view of graphics - Pour avoir une meilleur vision du graphisme : CLICK HERE

IGEL - Sailor Moon S - Metal Keychain 

IGEL Metal Keychain

Kodansha 1

Kodansha (?) - Sailor Moon Super S - Chibi Moon Compact Keychain 

Telechargement 21


Sailor Star - Plaque Keychain

Sailor Star - German Paper Keychain


Unofficial - Non officiel Luna Keychain 

Unofficial Luna

Unofficial - Sailor Moon Keychain - Manga style - Inners 


Unofficial - Sailor Moon Keychain - Manga style - Outers  


Unofficial - Sailor Moon Keychain - Super Sailor Moon 


Bootleg Keychains

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1. Sailorjupiter01 25/01/2012

Waouh y'en a des trop bien ^^ Et super tes dernières nouveautés

2. Rey 29/01/2013

Hello ^^ the Mars Keychan from Germany ist not from Igel. It was an Extra in the german Sailormoon Magazine

3. Sailorjupiter01 03/02/2013


Je trouve que GE Animation fait des porte-clés vraiment sympas! J'ai du mal à choisir ^^

4. Marx 25/01/2017

Not sure if you're still running this site but I have a couple of keychains that you do not have and/or see in your list. I can't even find these keychains online or anywhere not even in images. Email me if you wanna see them. Thanks

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