Misc Dolls

Bandai - Sailor Moon S - Nakayoshi Sailor Chibi Moon DX Doll


One of the rarer and the cutest doll Sailor Moon

L'une des plus rares et des plus mignonnes poupées Sailor Moon

Igel - Sailor Moon S - Sailor Chibi Moon Baby Doll

Banpresto - Sailor Moon Super S - Toru Festival Dolls (7/7)

Bandai - Sailor Moon World - Spaghetti Dolls  (5/5)


Sailor Moon & Sailor Mercury 


Sailor Mars &  Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Venus

Sanrio - Sailor Moon X My Melody - Sailor Moon Doll 

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1. bob 07/12/2011

would you be willing to sell me the nakayoshi chibi moon doll? i'd love her for christmas i'll brush her hair make her clothes take her places and put her to bed every night so please please please???

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