Vêtements - Clothes

Sailor Moon - Italian T-Shirt

Sailor Moon R - T-Shirt & Short

Sailor Moon S - T-Shirt & Short

Sailor Moon Super S - T-Shirt

Sailor Star - T-Shirt & Short

Hot Topic - Sailor Moon T-Shirt - Size Small 

Telechargement 13

Hot Topic - Sailor Moon T- Shirt 


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - T-shirt 

PGSM T-shirt


Sailor Moon Meets Gu - Luna T-shirt 


Uniqlo - Sailor Moon X Uniqlo - T-shirt 

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Pimkie - Sailor Moon T-Shirt 

Pimkie - Luna T-Shirt 


EMP - Sailor Moon - T-shirt new


ARDENE - Sailor Moon - Artemis Hooded Tee-shirt  

Sailor Moon - Jacket / Veste

Sailor Moon - Trousers / Pantalon

Sailor Moon - Robes / Dresses

Banpresto - Sailor Moon Ichiban Kuji - Life with Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity Shower Dress 

Sailor Moon Princess Serenity Shower Dress

Sailor Moon Princess Serenity Shower Dress

Bandai Spirit - Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary - Ichiban Kuji Dreamy Colors Collection - Luna Cape (Prize C) new

Sailor Moon R - Short

Sailor Moon - Culottes / Underwears

Sailor Moon - Chaussettes / Socks

Super Sailor Moon Socks 

Super Sailor Moon

Filo di scozia

Italian Socks - Sailor Moon Filo Di Scozia - Size 28/32 

Italian Socks - Sailor Moon Filo Di Scozia - Size 24/28 

Italian Socks - Sailor Moon Filo Di Scozia - Size 21/24 

(I got them in a big lot that's why i have them in so many sizes)

Banpresto - Sailor Moon R - Slippers

Slippers R

Banpresto - Sailor Moon S - Slippers

S Slippers

Sailor Moon R - Tablier / Apron

Sailor Moon - Chemise de Nuit non officielle / Unofficial Night Dress

Sailor Moon - Chapeau Artemis / Artemis Hat - Unofficial

Sailor Moon - Gants Coréens / Korean Gloves

A1 8

Bandai - Sailor Moon Super S - Cache-nez / Scarf

GE Animation - Sailor Moon Pink Wrist Band 

Telechargement 9

Dos / Back 

GE Animation - Sailor Moon Yellow Wrist Band 

Wrist Band

Bandai - Sailor Moon Earmuffs - Cache Oreille 

Telechargement 12

GE Animation - Sailor Moon Cap 

Sailor Moon Cap

Comments (3)

1. valentina pecora 01/12/2011

Hello! I would like to know if by chance you sell slippers Winter Banpresto - Sailor Moon R - Slippers (Sailor Mars) and, if so, I would like to know how to buy them and then receive them. Thank you for your kindness

2. Sailorjupiter01 25/01/2012

Ben dis donc y'en a bien des pyjamas ^^

3. Sailorjupiter01 03/02/2013

Je craque pour les cache oreilles, les gants et le cache nez =)

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