Sailor Stars Figures

Bandai - Sailor Stars - Petit Soldier - 4/4 

Eternal Sailor Moon

Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Fighter & Sailor Star Healer

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Bandai - Sailor Stars Excellent Model Figure (4/4)

Figures about 30 cm / Figurines d'environ 30 cm

Eternal Sailor Moon

Sailor Star Maker


Sailor Star Healer 

Telechargement 14

Sailor Star Fighter 

Bandai - Eternal Sailor Moon Figures 

Bandai - Sailor Stars - Clear Figure Set 

Star Healer - Star Maker - Eternal Moon - Star Fighter 

Saturn - Neptune - Pluto - Serenity - Chibi Moon

Banpresto - Sailor Stars - Light Up Figures (5/5)

Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury & Sailor Venus

Yukata Figures

Yukata - Sailor Stars - Eternal Sailor Moon Figure 


Eternal Sailor Moon  

Yukata - Sailor Stars - Puppet 



Morinaga - Sailor Stars - Mini Figures 

Morinaga - Sailor Stars - Mini Figures


  • Sailorjupiter01

    1 Sailorjupiter01 On 25/01/2012

    J'adore les Light-up!!!

    Les petit soldier et les excellent sont belles!
  • neee

    2 neee On 30/09/2012

    Hi! Do you know where can I find "Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Fighter & Sailor Star Healer" ? I'm tired of search and I don't find those figures :( only the "Excellent Model Figures" one :(
  • neee

    3 neee On 05/10/2012

    Please answer. They're the lacking pieces in my collection. Can't find them anywhere!
  • Emerywpp

    4 Emerywpp On 07/11/2012

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