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Unofficial / Bootleg

Bootleg serenity

Princess Serenity - Bootleg Figure 

Telechargement 20


Unofficial - Sailor Moon Lego Figures 

Face A

Face B

Sailor Moon - Motorcyle Figures


Sailor Moon R - Pretty Figure Set - About 20 cm - 5/5

Sailor Moon    Sailor Mercury     Sailor Mars

Sailor Jupiter     Sailor Venus

Ces figurines sont magnifiques même si elles sont fausses.
Those figures are beautiful even if they are bootlegs

Sailor Moon R - Petit Soldier Unofficial


Sailor Moon S - Petit Soldier - Unofficial


Sailor Moon Super S - Unofficial

Sailor Neptune     Sailor Jupiter    Sailor Moon     Sailor Uranus     Palla Palla     Jun Jun


  • Sailorjupiter01

    1 Sailorjupiter01 On 25/01/2012

    Parmi les fakes je suis vraiment fan des motos, y'a de l'idée, elle sont pas mal ^^

    Mais y'a des fakes pardon, je comprends même pas qu'ils aient osé!
  • Bethany Simpson

    2 Bethany Simpson On 31/12/2020

    Hello. I have some Sailor Moon World Gashapon figures. I have both the official/authentic as well as the bootleg versions. I am going to photograph each figure next to their bootleg version for reference. Would you like me to send the photos? Maybe they will be useful to the website.


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