Sailor Moon Super S Figures

Bandai - Sailor Moon Super S - Finger Puppet - Marionnettes à doigts

Usagi, Chibi Usa, Super Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter & Sailor Venus

Bandai - Sailor Moon Super S - Capsule Kit Figures (6/6)

Sailor moon super s patchi patchi figuresBandai - Sailor Moon Super S - Sailor Mercury & Sailor Mars Patchi Patchi Figures 

Bandai - Sailor Moon Super S -  Patchi Patchi Figures (American Version) 

Super Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Kamen

Sailor Mars

Bandai - Sailor Moon Super S - Omake Figures

Bandai - Sailor Moon Super S - Figure with body wich moves / Figurine dont le corps bouge 


Sailor Chibi Moon 

Yukata - Sailor Moon Super S - Shampoo Figure / Figurine Shampoing

Figurine provenant du bouteille de shampoing

Figurine coming from a shampoo bottle

Saiwa - Sailor Moon Super S - Italian Figures / Figurines italiennes - 1995 



  • Sailorjupiter01

    1 Sailorjupiter01 On 25/01/2012

    Les puppets ne peuvent pas être mise au bout de crayons?

    Ah c'est ça la yukata figure, je l'ai vu une fois en vente, mais je savais pas ce que c'était, je trouvais qu'elle était un peu chère...
  • Laura

    2 Laura On 15/05/2019


    The "Pachi Pachi: Cute!" Figures you own are actually "Mini Dressables" from the blue box Irwin North American line, I can tell because of the colors, face-paint and skintones. The original 1995 domestic release "Crinkle" or "Crackling" "Cute!" Figures came in pink/blue boxes with photos of the dolls on the front with only japanese writing. These had perfect coloring, light skintones and blush marks on their cheeks. These also came with shiny metallic pink wands. The original foreign release came in pink/blue boxes with SSM and SCM and the words "Pachi Pachi: Cute!" on the front, and these dolls had peachier skintones and no blush marks and came with silver wands. The blue box Irwin releases came around 1996/7 and had placement issues with the eyes, darker reds, and yellowed skintones. Finally the yellow box Irwin releases from Canada 2001 had the worst coloring of all (Sailor Moon's reds are dark purple) and terrible eye placement. This info took me a lot of trial and error! Hope you find it useful ^_^ Your site has helped me SO MUCH with my own collection.


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